True Development

About True Development

True Development is a full-service training and coaching company based in Taipei, Taiwan. We work in close partnership with each of our clients to design and deliver training and coaching solutions that fit their needs. Our values demand that we do everything—proposals, customer service, content design, training and coaching delivery—to the highest standards in the industry. We work hard to make our HR partners successful and treat each stakeholder like a VIP.

  • In our world, we are not the heroes. We support others—our HR partners, business leaders, training participants, coachees—to achieve heroic results.
  • Each program we design and deliver is supported from beginning to end by a dedicated Client Service Specialist. The Client Service Specialist will be in the training room while the program is running, supporting and assisting our HR partners and the trainer.
  • True Development trainers follow the principles of adult learning in their facilitation work. They do not lecture. They ask questions, manage learning activities, coach, give feedback, demonstrate techniques, and tell stories. They keep people engaged and support them as they learn.
  • Each participant in a True Development program receives Program Essentials Review Card to take back to the office or home and keep on hand for easy review of the program content.
  • At the end of each True Development training program, the walls of the training room are covered with the ideas and conclusions of the participants and the trainer, written down on flip chart paper. Many trainees like to take photos of this information to study and review.
  • We understand that some clients are looking for the right training or coaching solution to a pre-defined need. Other clients prefer to have support earlier in the process of assessing and defining learning needs. We are happy to get involved at any stage in the process.
Our Training Team
True Development works with some of the finest trainers and coaches in the world. All of them are bilingual in English and Chinese.

True Black

Training style

True Black , Training Director

Trainer, facilitator and coach since 2005.

Corporate experience:

  • Area Director at Washington Post.
  • Global Sales Director at Enertron USA.
  • President at Revolution Tea.

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Leadership Development
  • ● Creativity and Innovation
  • ● Sales Effectiveness
  • ● Influence, Negotiation, and Conflict Management
  • ● Meeting Facilitation

David A. Davila

David A. Davila , Partner

Trainer, facilitator and coach since 2007.

Corporate experience:

  • Sales Director at Green Mountain Regional

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Coaching
  • ● Management and Leadership
  • ● Organizational Alignment
  • ● Impactful Decision Making
  • ● Cross-Cultural Communication

Ting Ting Lin

Ting Ting Lin , Partner

Trainer, facilitator and coach since 2007.

Corporate experience:

  • Vice-President at Philips Electronics

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Leadership Development
  • ● Executive Coaching
  • ● Sales Training
  • ● Strategic Thinking and Planning

John Dorris

John Dorris , Partner

Trainer, facilitator and coach since 2003.

Corporate experience:

  • Principle Consultant in Altec
  • South China Regional manager at Professional Way

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Intercultural Effectiveness
  • ● Diversity and Inclusion
  • ● Global Influence and Executive Presence
  • ● Management and Leadership

Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon , Partner

Trainer, facilitator since 2012.

Corporate experience:

  • Jamie worked in a multicultural environment as a training manager at Amway China. Jamie is also certified in DISC, GlobeSmart and TAP Training Delivery.

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Communication and Influence
  • ● Presentations and Storytelling
  • ● Facilitation Skills for Internal Trainers
  • ● Personal Productivity and Stress Management

Warren Arbuckle

Warren Arbuckle , Partner

Trainer, facilitator since 1998.

Corporate experience:

  • 15 years as a business development and innovation consultant working with Fortune 500 companies in multicultural environments.

Area of Expertise:

  • ● Leadership Development
  • ● Creativity and Innovation
  • ● Communication Effectiveness
  • ● Sales Effectiveness
Customer Testimonials
True Development is our business partner. They inspire our employees’ enthusiasm by developing them into more innovative, confident and empowered individuals. Winnie Liao, Site HR Business Partner, Flex
Thank you very much for your sharing and facilitation in these two days. I got highly positive feedback from many participants in person. This is for sure the program achieved my goals. Selina Weng, Senior VP, Cathay Financial Holdings
A few months ago, I invited True Development to conduct a sales workshop for my APAC staff (Country managers and Technical leads from all across APAC) True delivered the program fluently and used his humorous, engaging style to create a relaxed learning environment for my team. True Development created a highly customized training program that delivered value to all participants. Still, what I appreciate the most is True Development’s willingness to design a program that truly fit our needs. In a very short time, they gave us exactly what we needed, i.e. a customized tailor made program True personally followed up with me following the training and provided more materials and inputs as was required during the workshop session Gil Briman, VP Asia Pacific, Mellanox
It’s our great pleasure to having Mr. True Black for Voith Hydro Shanghai Conference _ Leadership Workshop on April 16-17. The professionalism of Mr. Black and his Team really impressed all participants and our management, especially highly appreciated from our CEO Mr. Martin Andrae. - Highly commitment and tailed design for the program secured the workshop to succeed. Mr. Black and the Team earlier prepared and tailed made the program with adequate communications and alignment with Voith. Mr. Black set Video conference with Mr. Andrae to go through the needs of Voith, find out the cons/pros and diagnose the possible root causes before sending out a proposal. Afterwards, Mr. Black communicated with 2-3 key players of the company to understand their concerns to leadership. With these efforts, a final proposal presented to VHS management which secured the success of the workshop. - A versatile person Mr. Black is Perfect Mandarin and native English, fluency linguistic communication to both Chinese and Foreigners. Skilled facilitation motivated all participants into positive listening, reflecting and interactions. We are looking forward to developing future cooperation. Baihui Chen, HR Manager, Voith Hydro