True Insights

#9 Develop Your Way to Success
In terms of supporting someone to perform at his/her best, these are generally the most important areas to focus on: ● Self-Awareness ● Job Knowledge ● Influencing Skills ● Problem Solving Skills
#8 On Feedback: Some Notes fro
I’ve never encountered a leader who delivers feedback perfectly every time. We are all learning to be experts in this area. Don’t let your lack of experience or your weaknesses stop you from giving feedback. You’ll likely deliver something of value to the employee, and you will have practiced a valuable management skill.
#7 Encouraging Employee Engage
“Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”
#6 Ethical, Smart Influence
In business, the most successful influence or persuasion techniques over the long term are based on the ideal of achieving an ethical win-win outcome.