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        True Development Consulting Services


Many of our clients need customized solutions for their unique goals and challenges.
These needs might include a large group event, a facilitated strategy meeting,
design of a sales conversation roadmap, support with communicating a strategic change rollout, etc.
True Development regularly supports clients with specialized needs.

One of our favorite things to say to our clients is “Tells us your dream project,
the most difficult challenge you want to solve, for which you currently have no solution.
” If you need a unique solution to a tough challenge, give us a call.


 Meeting and Event Design and Facilitation:

True Development has deep expertise in designing and facilitating meetings and events for clients.
The atmosphere of the meeting or event can be high energy and fun or more serious, depending on your goals.
We have particular expertise with designing and facilitating group brainstorming and decision-making events.


Examples of Meetings and Events we Design and Facilitate 

♦ Group Brainstorming Meetings
♦ Strategy Planning Meetings
♦ Offsite Team Building Events
♦ Year End Review Meetings
♦ Annual Kick-Off Meetings
♦ Senior Leader Training Camps
♦ Mission, Vision, Values Group Decision Meetings
♦ Values in Action Meetings


Specialized HR, Sales, and C-Suite Consulting

True Development also provides expert consulting support for specialized talent development,
sales transformation, and strategic change projects.


Examples of these types of programs include: 

♦ Employee Engagement Assessment (HR)
♦ Training Results Measurement (HR)
♦ Sales Transformation: Sales Conversation Roadmap Design Sales Process (Sales)
♦ Sales Transformation: Sales Process Design (Sales)
♦ Strategic Change Rollout: Communication Planning (C-Suite)
♦ Innovation Roadmap Consulting (C-Suite)