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True Development Sales and Customer Service Training Programs


The True Development approach to sales training is based on the belief that success in the sales function requires a well-developed set of emotional,
analytical, and communication competencies
. A skilled sales force is one of the most valuable resources a company can develop;
the same is true for the customer service team. Our goal is to help our client companies develop and support high performance sales and customer service teams,
win more business, earn more profit, and retain more customers.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Success in sales is begins with convincingly demonstrating the value of your product or service. While the ability to this well is important,
many competitors are also skilled at demonstrating and providing value. Psychological research into buyer behavior suggests that in cases where the value of
different purchasing options is perceived as roughly similar, customers end up buying from the person they “like and trust the most,
and many customers will buy from someone they like even if the value of the product or service is slightly inferior to the value of a competing product or service.
A well-trained sales team capable of demonstrating value by accurately identifying customer needs and matching the right solutions to them while ALSO building personal connection and trust will win more deals and earn more profit for the company. Our sales training programs focus on achieving both of these goals.

Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

A great and memorable customer experience is among the most powerful marketing forces a company can employ to increase sales and retain more customers.
A team of well-trained customer service professionals not only support the sales team’s effectiveness, but are also vital to the company’s ability to upsell, long-term growth,
media image, and industry reputation. Our customer service programs focus on finding effective ways to build memorable and enjoyable experiences for customers 
that will create customer delight and build long-term loyalty.

Our Sales and Customer Service Offerings

All sales and customer service programs are customized to client needs. Most are two days in length, with a recommended maximum of 24 participants per program.
Our industry experience includes banking, IT, FMCG, retail, electronics manufacturing, industrial equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, among others.

What follows is a partial list of programs. If you do not see what you need on the list, we will work with you to build the program that you need.