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Our Approach to Coaching

We are passionate about coaching because we believe it is one of the most direct and effective ways to serve company leaders and their teams. Experience has taught us that the best executive coaches combine high-level coaching techniques, strong intuition, and deep passion for serving clients. We are strong advocates for our clients and business partners; we are respectful in our approach but we insist that clients face their blind spots in order to grow. A great coach supports clients through the process of discovering the truth about themselves and becoming the most powerful, authentic leaders they can be.

Coaching Program Options

Executive coaching programs can take one of two approaches: The Open Track or the Targeted Track.

Open Track:The content of an Open Track coaching program depends on the needs of the coachee. The Open Track approach typically involves a larger number of contact hours over a longer period, e.g. 36 hours over one year. Common areas addressed in the coaching include:

  Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

  Leading a Team to Achieve Astonishing Results (BHAGs)

  Delegating Powerfully

  Motivating and Inspiring Employees

  Presenting, Influencing, and Negotiating at a High LevelShaping the Team Culture

  Leading Strategic Change

  Expanding the Team’s Innovation Bandwidth

Targeted Track:  A Targeted Track pre-defines the content of the coaching depending on individual and organizational needs and tends to initially involve a shorter term contract, e.g. 18 hours over six months. A sample listing of coaching topics includes:

  Intercultural Coaching for Expatriate Leaders

  Driving Sales Performance

  Retaining Key Employees

  Resolving Cross-Team Conflict Issues/Breaking Silo Culture

  Mastering the Process and Tools for Leading Organizational Innovation

  Moving a Team from the Storming to Performing Stage of DevelopmentTopics from the Open Coaching Topics List

We recommend 1-2 coaching sessions per month, 90 minutes per session.