Powerful Communication 正向交流

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About Course

Overview 培訓概要 The goal of the training is to learn to use positive ways to talk to and influence others. 培訓的目標旨在使用正向說話方式並正面影響他人。 What You Will Learn 課程目標 The keys to clear, effective communication. 清晰,有效溝通的關鍵。 The most powerful ways to influence others. 影響他人最有利的方式。 How to build close relationships through communication. 如何透過溝通建立密切的關係。

Topics for this course

3 Lessons

Empathy Challenge 同理心挑戰

Draft Lesson

Social Styles Overview 社交風格工具概述

Social Style Application Activity 實際應用練習