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Dear Friends,

In my work I often discover useful resources (books, articles, videos, techniques, tools, and programs) that I share in workshops, with coaching clients, or with HR partners. Thanks to the help of some capable people who work for me, I’m finally able to share these resources with you through my newsletter, True Insights.


Most of us have heavy workloads and want to do more in the time we have. The problem is that we are so busy completing high-priority daily tasks that there is too little time to invest in building and maintaining important relationships, thinking strategically, and working on special projects. We have to fight to create time and space for these high value, longer term activities.

The best methodology I have found for increasing my personal productivity and managing my priorities is Getting Things Done (GTD). I have experienced dramatic productivity gains by applying the principles of GTD. I started using it gradually in 2011 by applying the workflow management process and techniques to an increasingly busy schedule. Nowadays I use web-based work and project management software built on GTD principles ( to manage my tasks and projects.


Here is one example of a GTD technique:
Process Your Inbox to Empty
If you follow the GTD workflow management process, you can process your inbox to empty at scheduled times during the day. I know it sounds difficult and it may require a mindset shift for many of us, but I can tell you that I do this every day without dropping any important items. Here is a summary of the process: . The benefits to me include:

  • Time savings: I do not read the same e-mails over and over again.
  • Space to think: Emptying my inbox clears my mind so that I can think strategically and work on projects or relationship building.
  • Less stress: Knowing that my inbox is clean and that all tasks and projects are scheduled or delegated gives me peace of mind. I don’t worry about missing something.

GTD is very useful and easy to implement. If you are looking for gains in your productivity and more effective management of your tasks and projects, I encourage you to take a look at these resources:


Yours in learning,

True Black
Training Director
True Development Co., Ltd.


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